Top Tips to Tackle Oral Injuries and Illnesses

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Do you practice safe and effective oral health care habits daily? Are your teeth and gums adequately protected from the dangers that seek to harm them? Don’t delay in taking care of your smile. Here are some top tips to tackle oral injuries and illnesses that seek to damage or destroy your teeth and gums:

-Avoid products and activities which can put your teeth at risk, such as smoking or chewing tobacco, recreational drugs, and sugary foods and drinks.

-Protect your teeth and gums from oral accidents by using safety gear when applicable, such as mouth guards, facemasks, and head gear.

-Try to avoid beautifying add-ons to your mouth such as mouth jewelry and lip rings, as they can easily crack, chip, or damage your teeth.

-Brush your teeth at least twice daily and floss your teeth and gums at least once daily.

-Try to limit eating habits to standard meals only, avoiding snack time in between mealtime.

-Visit our team for your regularly scheduled professional cleanings and oral examinations.

-Use cleaning products after eating, including sugarless gum, mouth cleanser, or dental floss.

For more helpful hints for your oral health and to schedule an oral exam with Dr. Schuman, please contact our dentist office by calling us at 618-797-9940. Terrific oral health care is our primary concern.