Stop Wrecking Your Teeth This Christmas! – Granite City, IL

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So you have been busy these past weeks, and you forgot to shop some gifts for your pleading nephews and nieces. A few ticks of the clock left and Christmas eve is coming. Panicking, you started your last minute wrapping-of-presents sesh. Now picture yourself holding the wrapping paper at one hand to steady it while hectically tearing the sticky tape using your teeth, forgetting about the dental crown on your front tooth. Chances are, you chipped it. Ouch! Will you be able to smile confidently in front of your family?

If you are not careful enough, you might be wrecking your teeth unknowingly this Christmas. So before you ruin the joyful spirit that supposed to fill your whole system this yuletide season, you may take down of these tips that we at Midwest Family Dentistry prepared.

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Ditch The Sugar!

Grazing over the scrumptious food of the holiday might be a fun thing to do. But feeding on sugary treats too much is discouraged. Candy canes, chocolate bars, and Santa’s cookies are undeniably delightful, but they can cause you to suffer from tooth decay. Once sugar particles cling on your teeth, the bacteria found inside your mouth will then aggravate the production of acids, giving way for cavities to develop.

But you don’t have to be dismayed. You can still satisfy your sweet tooth without harming your pearly whites. Instead of snacking your choco coins throughout the day, munch them as part of the meal rather.


Remember: It Is Your Duty To Brush

Despite the busy season, don’t forget that it is a priority to clean your mouth, teeth, and gums daily. If brushing is not performed for the whole holiday period, gum disease and other oral issues are expected to arise. See to it that you brush your teeth every day in two-minutes time. Include your tongue as well because believe it or not, this often neglected oral structure is home to thousands of bacteria.


Prevention Is Better Than Cure

A toothache is a common condition experienced by a lot of people. And if you happen to suffer to such, you probably agree that this is something everyone should not experience on Christmas. Many factors contribute to tooth pain, one of them is decay. Preventing the occurrence of tooth decay and other oral complications before Christmas Eve comes is necessary. To do it, visit us at Midwest Family Dentistry for checkups, teeth cleanings, and fluoride applications. These three treatments are sure to maintain the state of your oral health.


You deserve outstanding dental care services. We provide Complete Checkups in Granite City, IL. Book your appointment with us at Midwest Family Dentistry and let us help you achieve beautiful and healthy teeth!