Increased Oral Health Risks as a Teenager

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Did you know that life as a teenager is one of the defining periods in the growth of your smile? Not only is it the time when caring properly for your teeth becomes crucial due to a number of social risks that will slowly be introduced, but it is also the age at which the last of our permanent teeth, your wisdom teeth, grow in.

Wisdom teeth often struggle the most to effectively do their job in a person’s mouth. Although they are designed for chewing, they often grow in improperly, leading to a variety of bad bites including overcrowding your other teeth. If your other teeth become overcrowded, it can push your smile out of alignment. In addition, they may not fully break the gum line and increase your risk of tooth decay and infection. Schedule regular checkups with your dentist to ensure your teeth are growing in as expected.

Social status begins to shape the lives of many individuals in their teen years, as social acceptance begins to take hold as one of the most important factors in a person’s life. Peer pressure can lead to a variety of oral health habits that can ruin your smile. This includes choosing to use drugs, smoking or chewing tobacco or tobacco products, playing contact sports without the proper safety equipment, and wearing dangerous mouth jewelry like lip and tongue rings that can chip and crack teeth easily.

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