How to Inspire Your Child to Floss

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Do you ever wish there was a way to make your child more excited about flossing? If so, we are thrilled to grant your wish! There are four things you can do to inspire your child to floss, and those things are:

Show them the way

Make flossing a family activity and be an example for your child. If you floss once a day, your child will know that they need to floss once a day as well. Also, teach them how to floss by demonstration. First floss your own smile and show your child every step. Then use a new piece of floss and clean between a few of your child’s teeth. Let them look in the mirror as you do so. Finally, let them floss their own smile and guide them along the way. Please make sure they are gentle as they floss near the gums.

Praise good behavior

It is very important that you praise your child every time they floss. If they feel accomplished after flossing, they will likely floss more. You can also come up with a system that rewards your child for flossing, whether that’s giving them their favorite treat, toy, or activity every time they floss.

Buy kid-friendly flossing products

Your child might enjoy flossing more if they use a product that has their favorite superhero or cartoon character on it. So, take them to the store with you and let them pick a flossing product of their choice. That way they will be more excited about flossing.

Tell them about the Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy is a very motivational character. If you tell your child that the Tooth Fairy gives bigger rewards to kids who give her healthier teeth, it might inspire them to keep up on oral hygiene.

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