Food for the Gums in Highland, IL

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Typically, people perceive that dental health is all about having healthy and cavity-free teeth, forgetting about the soft tissue lining that holds the teeth in place called “gums.”

Gums have a vital role in maintaining not just the dental health of a person but their overall well-being as well. In some cases, this tissue can become swollen and inflamed. While it is common to those who don’t pay much attention in taking care of their entire mouth, this might be an indication of gum disease.

In the U.S, many people suffer from gum disease. It springs up as simple gingivitis, to a more serious issue that damages both the tissue and the bone that supports the teeth. As much as possible, this deteriorating complication should be avoided, but when it happens, make sure to contact us at Midwest Family Dentistry. We provide Gum Treatment in Highland, IL. Our dental hygienist will perform a thorough cleaning to scrape-off tartar and other contributing particles that causes the condition. Moreover, we would also like to teach our patients the ways to prevent it by observing a good diet.


Healthy Gums and Teeth


List of Gum-Friendly Foods

Ginger. Throw off your preservatives, and let ginger handle the flavor! Ginger root does not just add a taste to the meal, but it also has healing and anti-inflammatory properties that keep the tissue in your mouth healthy.

Apples. Biting on apples a day do more than just keeping the doctor away. The good thing about it is that while you munch the crunchy, juicy fruit, the plaques that cling to your gums and teeth are washed away.

Dairies. The calcium in cheese, yogurt, and milk don’t just strengthen the teeth, but their protein casein decreases the acids in the mouth.

Green Leafy Veggies. Salad greens are undeniably healthy. And when it comes to keeping the mouth clean, it also does wonders. Since it is fiber-rich, it needs more serious chewing which later on produces saliva that neutralizes bacterias.

Raw Onions. Zapping the bacteria in the mouth is made easier with the help of this bacteria-fighting food. According to studies, harmful substances in the mouth that causes gum disease and cavities can be wiped out completely by the antimicrobial ingredient of an onion.

Proper oral hygiene keeps the mouth in a good state. Brushing, flossing, and mouth rinsing kills millions of harmful bacteria that might put the dental health at risks. While these three practices are the most important part of the routine, you could always go the extra mile. Aside from avoiding acidic and sugary treats, opt for foods that are good for the gums!


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