Don’t Miss Out on Life Due to Missing Teeth, Get Dentures! – Granite City

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Missing tooth is a condition that affects a person once experienced. It can change the way they eat, speak, and smile affecting their appearance, relationships, and overall wellness. People with missing teeth tend to avoid talking, smiling, or eating with other people to avoid embarrassment which makes them miss out on things.

Thankfully, dentistry offers a solution that can restore missing teeth to help patients regain their beautiful smiles and confidence for overall health and wellness. Partial or Complete Dentures can replace multiple or an entire row of missing teeth with a natural looking result.

At Midwest Family Dentistry, we only want our patients to achieve optimum health and wellness which is why we try to provide solutions for their dental concerns. We offer both partial and complete dentures to restore missing teeth so patients will not miss out on life.



Dentures: Partial and Complete Teeth Restorations

Dentures are made up of pontics (fake teeth) that closely resembles natural teeth for it to appear as natural as possible. The pontics are supported by an acrylic gum-colored base to act as the foundation of the teeth replacements. Depending on the patients need whether partial or complete dentures, it can also have wires that would serve as the anchor to healthy teeth to secure its stability when worn.

For complete teeth replacement, the upper denture covers the entire roof of the mouth (palate), while the lower denture is shaped like a U to make enough room for the tongue. Denture adhesives can be used to secure the dentures in place when eating to avoid slipping.


Benefits of Dentures

    • It restores the confidence of patients who have missing teeth. They can once again enjoy smiling, talking, and eating without feeling embarrassed when with other people.
    • Lets patients enjoy eating the foods they like with only a few restrictions to prevent any damage to the dental appliance.
    • Eliminates any awkwardness when talking with other people since patients can speak freely without any worries.
    • Helps in slowing down any effects of bone loss or gum recession to the overall facial appearance of patients with missing teeth.
    • Its removability allows the patient to thoroughly clean the dental appliance and prevent any dental complications from developing.
    • The placement of a partial denture is considered to be a conservative treatment compared to other teeth replacement procedures.

 Bring out your best smile with Dentures in Granite City, book your appointments with Midwest Family Dentistry! Call us to experience outstanding results in the restoration of missing teeth to make your smiles look naturally beautiful and healthy.