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Protecting one’s teeth is necessary for maintaining a strong oral condition. One must be vigilant about the changes that are happening in their mouth to protect the teeth from damage. However, some people are unaware that they are suffering from excessive grinding and clenching since it mostly occurs during sleep and if it did occur during the time they are awake they do not notice it since they unconsciously grind and clench their teeth. With regards to this issue, Midwest Family Dentistry offers Night Guards to treat patients who are suffering from bruxism (excessive grinding and clenching) to protect the teeth against damage and decay that can cause oral complications.

Mouth Guards

What are Night Guards?

Night guards are custom fitted dental appliance used to treat patients suffering from bruxism. It is made of plastic resin that acts as a barrier preventing the upper and lower teeth from contact. Night guards are essential in protecting one’s teeth from dental injuries and jaw problems that can be caused by Bruxism.

When do you Need a Night Guard?

Signs and symptoms of bruxism are jaw pain, headache, grinding sound at night, and rhythmic contraction of the jaw muscles. If you are experiencing this type of symptoms, you need to visit a dentist and undergo Nightguard treatment to prevent other oral problems and cure bruxism which may lead to TMJ disorder.

Types of Night Guard

  • Acrylic Night Guard

This type of night guard is made of hard, transparent plastic material. It is made durable to treat patients suffering from severe teeth grinding and clenching and also those patients that have TMJ dysfunction.

  • Soft Night Guard

Recommended for patients that have a mild case of teeth clenching and grinding. Soft protection is enough for this types of patients for the protection and preservation of their teeth structure.

  • Dual Laminate Night Guard

If the patient is suffering from moderate teeth grinding and clenching, the dual laminate night guard is the best option. It is a type of night guard made from a durable plastic resin designed to be soft on the inside and hard on the outside.

Benefits of Night Guards

  • Prevents Teeth Damage
  • Reduces Jaw tension
  • Alleviates jaw pain and headache
  • Can help to prevent Snoring
  • Promotes jaw muscles Relaxation

How is Night Guards made?

Night Guards are custom-tailored mouthguards made from a durable plastic resin molded over a model that mimics the teeth structure of the patient. Night guards are used explicitly during night time when a person is asleep to protect teeth structure.

Night guards are essential especially for patients who are suffering from bruxism or early cases of TMJ disorder. It helps in preserving the teeth and jaw structure and prevents damage that can cause oral issues.

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